What is EPS File and How to open it?

November 11, 2022

It Is Open?
An EPS file could have been hidden inside the zip download if you downloaded vectors from FreeproTemplate. Or perhaps your designer provided you with an EPS file that you don’t understand or know how to open. In order to read EPS files and utilize the picture type as intended, free of misunderstanding, this article will explain all the specifics pertaining to them.

An EPS file is what?

Encapsulated Postscript is referred to as EPS. It is a file format mostly used to hold vector art. Unlike raster art or images that lose quality when enlarged, vector graphics don’t utilize pixels and may be scaled (resized) to any size without losing quality. In graphic design and desktop publishing, EPS files are frequently used for dealing with logos, drawings, and other artwork.

You may independently alter each component (such as colors and shapes) in an EPS file. If you download a character drawing from FreeProTemplate, for instance, you may edit the EPS file and alter the colors of the artwork’s components to fit your preferences.

The EPS Format’s benefits

EPS is a common graphics file format that has gained popularity for a number of reasons.

1. Versatility: Numerous software tools and programs can read the EPS format. Most vector-based design software packages accept EPS files. Examples include Xara, CorelDraw, Gravit Designer, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape (see our list of the best vector editing apps).

2. Embedded Previews: Raster (bitmap) format preview images are included in EPS files. Even though it increases file size, this broadens the file’s use because many programs that do not accept EPS files can at least see the preview. Even if you are unable to access or modify the picture with the software you are using, you can still see what the image looks like thanks to the preview.

3. Support for Bitmap Images, Text, and Vector Graphics: Although EPS is a vector file format, bitmap/raster images can also be included in the file. For instance, if you’re designing an EPS flyer, you may incorporate a bitmap image into the design. Of course, text may be included in EPS files.

What is EPS File and How to open it?

EPS Format Restrictions

Using EPS files has many benefits, but there are a few restrictions or negatives that should be understood as well.

1. Does Not Support Transparency: Although you may choose a backdrop color for your design and then layer vector artwork or text on top of it, you cannot make the background translucent.

2. Files With Bitmap Images Are Not Always Vector: Bitmap/raster files contained within EPS files may not print correctly since they are often prepared at resolutions that aren’t suitable for printed documents. However, bitmap pictures will not scale well; only the vector elements will.

3. Limited Enable from Page Layout Programs: While certain tools, particularly page layout programs, support opening and viewing EPS files, they do not support editing of the files. This implies that you won’t be able to alter any specifics or features, such as text color or font, in the page layout program. If any adjustments are required, you will have to return to the design program that was used to produce the artwork.


What is EPS File and How to open it?

Opening an EPS File

Adobe Illustrator CC Version

The industry standard program for creating vector graphics and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator makes it simple to save and open EPS files. To open your file, follow these steps:

  • Click File, then choose Open from the dropdown menu.
  • Search for the EPS file on your computer, then pick it.
  • Select “Open”
  • You can modify the file as necessary after Illustrator has opened it.

You may also save it in various picture formats, such as the native.ai format of Illustrator.

What is EPS File and How to open it?

Adobe Photoshop CC Version

Because Adobe Photoshop is not a vector graphic design program, it only partially supports.eps files. A vector.eps file can be opened, but you will need to rasterize it in order for it to remain a vector picture. Additionally, unlike with Illustrator, Inkscape, or CorelDRAW, you won’t be able to alter the file’s individual pieces.

To open the file, adhere to the following steps:

  • Click File, then choose Open from the dropdown menu.
  • Search for the EPS file on your computer, then pick it.
  • Select “Open”
  • It will now reveal the Rasterize EPS Format options. Select OK.

Is the JPG or EPS file better to use?

Both an EPS file and a JPG version may be present in the vector file that you obtained from Vecteezy. If: You ought to utilize the EPS file.

  • You need to make any corrections or modifications (like changing colors)
  • You might need to enlarge the image using a scaling
  • The picture must be integrated into another vector file.

Common Questions and Answers

What Are EPS Files Used For? 

Vector images commonly utilize the EPS file extension. It is a flexible format since most graphic design programs can handle EPS files, and the majority of vector editing programs let you edit and save EPS files. The EPS format may be used by any sort of vector, therefore it is frequently used for things like icons, drawings, patterns, backdrops, and more.

Vector or Bitmap, is EPS?

Raster (bitmap) pictures, vector components, or both can be found in an EPS file. However, vector files are where it’s most often employed.

How do EPS and SVG Differ?

Both the widely used vector file formats EPS and SVG may be utilized for design-related tasks. EPS files are frequently used for things like drawings, logos, and graphics for print, but SVG files are primarily meant for online vector graphics presentation.

What Applications Open EPS Files?

The majority of vector and illustration applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, and Gravit Designer, let you open and modify the individual objects in EPS files. You can open EPS files with a variety of page layouts and graphic design software programs, but you cannot modify them. An EPS file, for instance, may be opened in Adobe Photoshop, but it must first be rasterized (converted from vector to bitmap format) in order to be modified.

Is EPS Compatible with Websites?

Online users should convert their EPS files to SVG (vector) or PNG (bitmap) format.

What Is an EPS Icon Used For?

The best choice is to save the icon as a PNG file if you want to utilize it on a website or in an application. However, as this will change the image’s format from vector to bitmap, make sure to save it in a size appropriate for the intended application. The bitmapped picture will seem pixelated and hazy if the dimensions are too tiny and it is presented at a bigger size.